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For Advertisers

Cross-Device Campaigns Made Simple.

Specless does all the work for you.

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Connect To Your Audience Everywhere on Any Device.

Get the flexibility to run your campaigns wherever your audiences are – without having to create hundreds of versions of the same ad.

Laptops and Desktops. Every make of smartphone. Tablets of all sizes and resolutions. Portrait mode. Landscape mode. You name it, Specless dynamically, responsively resizes and optimizes the ad so it looks perfect, every single time.

See Specless in Action

Same ad, same message, different sizes

Ads can scale beautifully up to 2048 pixels wide.

Large, high-quality images that look great on the largest screens

Images automatically resize to optimize appearance and performance

Each element intelligently repositions itself based on the new size

Easily adjust the message to cater to different viewing contexts.

Ad also changes when flipped from portrait to landscape.

Imagery and message look clear when adjusted to even the smallest sizes.

Easily hide and show elements when space is limited.

Why Go Specless?

  • No More Specs

    Hate having to collect specs from many publishers and networks, compile them and make sure you are building creative to the “lowest common denominator?” Yeah, we thought so. That’s why we built Specless.

  • Cut Your Assets

    Reduce the burden on creative, production and trafficking teams, meaning they’ll no longer have to build-out and manage numerous assets for simple campaigns.

  • Fewer Versions, Fewer Errors

    Dramatically reducing the number of ad versions needed also dramatically reduces the likelihood of errors that frustrate and alienate clients.

  • All-In-One Designs Offer More Opportunities

    Never be forced to make a media-buying decision based on what creative assets you happen to have available. Never turn-down that added-value opportunity because you just aren’t equipped to run an ad again!

  • Contextually Aware To Fit Any Situation

    Create ads that are contextually relevant in thousands of situations, without creating and managing thousands of ads. Our simple-rule engine allows contextual awareness to be built into the ad itself.

  • Automatic Analytics

    Powerful analytics, out of the box. Never manually tag parts of your ads again. Specless tracks each element in the ad automatically, so you can see which parts of the ad, like the logo or call-to-action, engage the viewer, without requiring extra work.

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