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Every device. Every size. Every time.

Finally, there’s a way to make it easier for you and your clients to make full use of your sites’ and apps’ digital advertising. Specless lets you drastically improve the way your inventory looks and performs on every device.

Laptops and Desktops. Every make of smartphone. Tablets of all sizes and resolutions. Portrait mode. Landscape mode. You name it, Specless dynamically, responsively resizes and optimizes the ad so it looks perfect, every single time.

And, it does this without burdening clients with excessive creative deliverables and pages of complicated specs. Specless just works.

See Specless in Action

Single Ad, Singe Tag. Any Size, Any Device.

Ads can scale beautifully up to 2048 pixels wide.

Large, high-quality images that look great on the largest screens

Images automatically resize to optimize appearance and performance

Each element intelligently repositions itself based on the new size

Easily adjust the message to cater to different viewing contexts.

Ad also changes when flipped from portrait to landscape.

Imagery and message look clear when adjusted to even the smallest sizes.

Easily hide and show elements when space is limited.

Why Go Specless?

  • Seamless Delivery

    Easily create ad units that seamlessly run across all devices, meaning you’ll save time and ensure the ad looks great every single time.

  • Consolidate Assets

    Reduce the burden on your advertisers, meaning they’ll no longer have to provide multiple assets for simple campaigns.

  • “No” Is No Longer an Answer

    Have you ever had a client turn down a great added-value opportunity because they just weren’t prepared to run that specific ad size or unit? That won’t happen again.

  • Enhance Revenue Streams

    Create custom placements and monetize traffic to all of your products without requiring numerous ad products and formats. It’s a great way to tightly integrate the ad slot with your content and increase your profitability.

  • Pick a Size, Any Size

    IAB? MMA? Custom Sizes? Specless works in any horizontal banner size, whether it’s a standard size or something custom. No additional work required.

  • Increase Participation

    By simplifying the process for your advertisers, you’re taking the burden off and increasing the likelihood that they’ll increase their participation.

  • Putting it into Context

    Context... not complex. Use our simple, yet powerful, rule system to make your ads contextually aware. Never run an ad that says “click” on a touchscreen again.

  • Better Analytics

    Start gaining insight into what creative works best on which platform. The built-in analytics automatically track data across all platforms, so you can see which elements of the ad, like the logo or call-to-action, engage the viewer.

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