Adding/Removing Users from an Organization

For Organization Administrators, inviting a new user only takes a few steps.

To invite a new user

  1. In you browser, navigate to the Specless web app and log in.
  2. From the User Details dropdown menu, click Organizations.

3. Select the organization where you wish to add a new user from the list under My Organizations.

4. Click the Add Member button under Members and Editing Permissions.

5. Enter the new user's email and select which permissions to apply.

6. Click Save.

The new user's email must be on the organization's domain (ie: if the organization's domain is "", the new user's email must be <newuser>

Obtaining an invite

First things first - if you're not an organization administrator, you'll need an invite. If your company is already set up on the Specless platform, your admin can send you an email invitation so you can get started. Contact your company's organization administrator to request access.

Find your organization's administrator

Don't know who your organization's administrator is? Please submit a support ticket and we'll help you get in contact with the right person. Click here to submit a support ticket.

Signing up and creating your account using your email invite

Once your organization's administrator grants you access, you'll receive an email invitation to join your company's Organization. Click on the URL in the email to accept your invitation and complete your user account setup.

Organization and permissions

When your organization's administrator creates your account, they will assign certain permissions that are specific to your role in the organization, so you'll have access to all the areas of the Specless platform you'll need. For each area you will be assigned either Read Only or Read & Edit access.

Take a look at the different kinds of permissions available on the Specless platform:


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