Editing Account Settings

Account Details

Updating your Specless account details is a snap! You can update details from the Account Settings page.

To edit account details

  1. After logging in to the Specless web app, click the User Details dropdown and select Account.

2. Click Edit.

3. Once you've finished modified your account details the way you want them, click Save to update the system, or click Discard Edits to cancel any changes.

Account detail fields

These are the account detail fields that you can update:

No Data

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Changing your avatar

We get it - sometimes you want to change things up a bit. Have a little fun by changing your avatar every so often.

To change your avatar

  1. From the Account Settings page, click Change Avatar.

2. Using the file chooser dialog, select an image file to use as your avatar.

3. Click Open in the file chooser dialog to update your account avatar.