Managing User Permissions

Managing access to your organization's content and data? Don't worry! It's a snap on the Specless platform.

User Permissions

The Specless platform allows members of your organization to access and view all sections and content by default. However, if a member needs the ability to edit content and data, they'll need additional permissions.

Organization administrators can quickly configure member permissions on the Organization page.

Everyone in the system is a User. As a user, you can be an organization administrator or an organization member.are members of an organization.

To Configure Member Permissions

  1. In you browser, navigate to the Specless web app and log in.
  2. From the User Details dropdown menu, click Organizations.

3. Select your organization from the list under My Organizations.

4. Under Members and Editing Permissions, click Edit next to the user name.

5. Designate the user's editing permissions.

Sections that are not selected will restrict the user to read-only access.

6. Click Save.


Administrators can grant editing permissions for the following sections of the Specless Platform:

- Creative
- Formats
- Templates
- Tags
- Reporting

If the Admin permission is selected for a user, the user will have editing permissions for all sections.