Adding a New Creative

Getting Started

When you're ready to begin a campaign, you'll need to add creative content. The Specless platform makes adding a new creative simple.

To add a new creative

  1. Log in to the Specless web app.
  2. On the Dashboard, select the organization for which you'd like to add a new creative.

3. Click Add New Creative to open the New Creative window.

4. Type the name of the creative into the Creative Name field.

5. Type the name of the new advertiser into the Advertiser field. You can also select an existing advertiser from the dropdown.

6. Select the content source from the Content menu to populate your new creative. There are several options available:

No Data

No Data

7. Select Add Initial Version to Specless Sync to save a copy of the creative to your local system.

8. If needed, type or select labels from the Add Labels field. (For a detailed explanation of labels in the Specless platform, please see Organizing with Labels .)

9. Click Create.