Creative Explorer: Previewing A Creative

Previewing Creatives

Wondering how your ad will look in a specific size? The Creative Explorer takes away the guesswork by making it easy for you to see how your creatives will look. Simply select from a list of standard ad slot sizes, or manually resize your ad to the size and shape you need. Then, preview exactly how your ad will appear when it is trafficked-it’s that easy!

To access the Creative Explorer

The Creative Explorer may be accessed in two ways:

  1. With the Creatives tab in grid view, hover over the creative you'd like to preview and click Preview in Creative Explorer.

2. On a creative's Overview page, click Launch in Creative Explorer.

Panels and Layouts

Every creative on the Specless platform consists of one or more panels. (Learn more about Panel and Document Structure.) You can see thumbnail previews of all of a creative's panels in the Panelscolumn. The currently active panel is highlighted.

Panels are made up of one or more layouts, which are unique designs associated with a particular size or range of sizes. (Lean more about Layouts.) We’ll talk more about layouts in a moment. For now, it’s important to know that every creative on the Specless platform consists of one or more panels.

You can see thumbnail previews of all of a creative's panels in the Panels column. The highlighted column shows you the panel that’s currently active.

The Layouts column displays a thumbnail preview of each panel's layouts. The panel's currently active layout is hightlighted.

The Panel Preview window automatically displays the best layout based on the current size of the panel.

If you want to resize the panel, you can drag the panel's height and width handles or directly enter height and width values into the height and width fields. The active layout will update automatically as you make changes.

Exploring the Panel Preview window

View Settings dropdown: Select from dozens of pre-configured ad sizes

Width and Height fields: Set the panel's width and height directly

Aspect Ratio: Displays the current active aspect ratio, and can be locked by clicking LockEx

Layout Scaling: Displays current panel scale

Scrolling: Mimics page scroll if the creative depends on scrolling context

  • Click Horizontal to enable horizontal scrolling
  • Click Vertical to enable vertical scrolling

Center: Re-centers the panel

Contexts: Displays any contexts referenced by creative and any currently active "when" rules. (Learn more about Contexts and Context Queries.)

Reporting: Displays real-time feed of the creative's impression data, click-through exits, and trackers

Activity Console: Displays any logs, warnings, or errors generated by the creative. (Learn more about Logging, Warning, and Throwing Errors.)

Live and draft views

The Specless platform provides powerful version control for your creatives. Using the Creative Explorer, select which version of your creative you'd like to preview, whether it’s the current live version or any draft versions you may have built. (Learn more about Managing Versions.)