Managing Versions

Managing a creative's versions

You can easily track any changes to your creative that have been pushed to the Specless platform by accessing the creative's Version Control & Change Log page. You can also manage a creative's versions from the Creative Explorer.

Understanding Versions

Versions on the Specless platform fall into one of two categories: Published and UnpublishedPublished versions have been uploaded to the cloud and cannot be modified. They include the Liveand Draft versions as well as any previously uploaded versions. Unpublished versions are modifiable and include the Specless Sync version and the Cloud Editor version, which is only used when building a creative from a template.

The Live version of the creative is used when serving the ad.

The Draft version has been uploaded to the Specless platform, but is not used when serving the ad.

When setting versions, it is important to remember the following rules:

  • The Specless Sync version can be created from any existing version
  • The Draft version can only be created by pushing the Specless Sync version to the cloud
  • The Live version can only be created by pushing the Draft version

To access a creative's Version Control & Change Log page

  1. Log in to the Specless web app.
  2. On the Dashboard, select the organization that contains the creative.
  3. On the Creatives tab, locate the creative.
  4. Hover you pointer over the creative to reveal additional action buttons.
  5. Click Settings.

6. Click Version Control & Change Log.

7. Preview the creative by clicking Preview.

Version Control & Change Log

The Version Control & Change Log page displays the following fields:

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To set a version as Live or Draft

  1. From the Version Control & Change Log page, find the ad version you want to update.
  2. Click More Options.
  3. On the drop down menu, click Set as Draft to update the version to Draft. Alternately, click Set as Live to update the version to Live.

To access the Creative Explorer

The Creative Explorer may be accessed in two ways.

  1. With the Creatives tab in grid view, hover over the creative you'd like to preview and click Preview in Creative Explorer.

2. On a creative's Overview page, click Launch in Creative Explorer. A preview of the creative's current Live Version loads by default.