Adding a New Template

Getting started

Templates are easy-to-use, reusable blueprints that supercharge your team's creative development workflow in the Specless platform.

To add a new template:

1. Log in to the Specless web app.

2. On the Dashboard, select the organization for which you'd like to add a new template.

3. Click Add New Template to open the New Template window

4. Type the name of the template into the Template Name field.

5. Select S-Kit Boilerplate from the Content menu to populate your new template.

6. Select Add Initial Version to Specless Sync to save a copy of the template to your local system.

7. If you need to, type or select labels from the Add Labels field. (For a detailed explanation of labels in the Specless platform, please see Organizing with Labels .)

8. Click Create.

Congratulations — you've just added your new template!