Building A Creative From A Template

Building a Creative From a Template

Templates allow you to quickly and easily create new custom creatives — all without having to write any code! It's easy to get started.

To create a new creative from a template

  1. Log in to the Specless web app.
  2. On the Dashboard, select the organization for which you'd like to add a new creative.

3. Click Add New Creative to open the New Creative window.

4. Type the name of the creative into the Creative Name field.

5. Type the name of the new advertiser into the Advertiser field. You can also select an existing advertiser from the dropdown.

6. Under the Content dropdown menu, select Populate From Template.

7. Select the Organization that includes the template you wish to use.

8. Select the template from the Choose Template dropdown menu.

9. Select Add Initial Version to Specless Sync to save a copy of the creative to your local computer (the computer you're using to build the creative).

10. If needed, type or select labels from the Add Labels field. (For a detailed explanation of labels in the Specless platform, please see Organizing with Labels .)

11. Click Create.

Using the Cloud Editor to Customize Your Creative

Templates populate new creatives with default HTML and CSS. The Cloud Editor allows you to customize your creative by updating the default values without having to download the project to your local computer.

To open the Cloud Editor

  1. Open the Creative Explorer for the creative you wish to edit.
  2. From the Version dropdown menu, select Cloud Editor.

The Cloud Editor is only available for creatives that were populated from a template.

Template Properties

Opening the Cloud Editor gives you access to the Template Properties interface. Template Properties are a simple way for you to customize a template without having to write any code. You can update the functionality or appearance of the creative simply by entering new values for the properties.

You can also show or hide some properties on a template based on the value of another property.

There are 11 template property types.

Each property type may be included multiple times in a single template.

Template property types

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Saving Changes to the Creative

Changes made in the Cloud Editor are not saved until they are pushed to a new draft version. However, you can preview changes before pushing by clicking Preview Changes.

To delete changes to a single property, click Revert Changes on the property.

To delete all of your updates, click Discard Edits.

When you are ready to save your changes, click Push to Draft to create a new draft version.