Format Setup

Now that you've created a tag, it's time to tie it to a format on the Format Setup tab of the Instance Settings page.

A format sets up the functionality of the tag and creative when trafficked to the page.

To setup a format

  1. On the Publish page, locate the tag instance for which you would like to set up a format.

2. Click Format Setup.

3. In the Choose Format field, select an organization.

4. Select a format inside the organization.

5. Upon selection of the format the canvas should auto-match the creative's panels. Review the setup to confirm a creative panel is assigned to the Primary canvas.

6. If the format has additional canvases, review that each canvas has the correct creative panel assigned.

Select "Do Not Traffic This Panel" if you do not want the panel to be trafficked.

7. Click Save.

Custom format settings

If the format you select includes custom options, such as whether to include a lightbox panel, they'll appear in the Custom Format Settings section underneath Format Settings.

You can click Hide to hide the Custom Format Settings section.

You can also click Save to update a custom setting in the system, revert to a setting's initial value by click Reset to Default Value, or click Discard Edits to clear any unsaved changes.