Tracking Setup

You can quickly and easily configure custom trackers for each of an ad's major lifespan events from the Tracking Setup tab on the Instance Settings page.

Ad lifespan events and custom trackers

The Tracking Setup tab allows you configure custom trackers for three of the ad's lifespan events:

  • Impression Tracker
  • Viewable Impression Tracker
  • Interacted Impression Tracker

Additionally, the Tracking Setup tab allows you to configure any custom trackers set up in the creative.

To configure trackers

  1. On the Publish page, locate the tag instance for which you'll be setting up trackers.
  2. Click Details.

3. Click Tracking Setup.

4. For each of the trackers, select either Provide Custom Tracker or Do Not Fire a Tracking Pixelfrom the dropdown menu.

5. If you select Provide Custom Tracker, enter a URL in the URL field. This will be used as the redirect destination.

6. If you'd like additional trackers for any of the lifespan events, click Add Another Tracking Pixelfor that event.